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Arlo the Alligator Boy

Background paint artist

As a member of the team behind the Netflix original film, Arlo the Alligator Boy, I had the distinct privilege of contributing to the creation of this heartwarming tale. Specifically, I was responsible for designing and producing a range of adorable and distinctive backgrounds that help to bring the story's fantastical world to life.

My work on Arlo the Alligator Boy is a testament to my ability to work collaboratively within a creative team, while also contributing my own unique artistic vision. I took great care to ensure that each background was both visually stunning and fully integrated with the film's overall aesthetic. The end result is a series of backgrounds that perfectly complement the film's charming characters and whimsical storyline.

I am proud to have been part of the team that brought Arlo the Alligator Boy to life, and I believe that my work on this project is a testament to my skills as a professional artist and designer.

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